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Mission driven leader?

Passionate about making the world a better place?

A person of vision living out a call to serve?

If so, you are a believer in Vision Led Change.

Vision Led Change helps individuals and organizations connect with their deepest values and vision as sources of inspiration for leading positive change in their world.  

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Trusting that our deepest and best motivations guide us in serving the greater good wherever we are in life, our services will help you to connect with your vision and bring it to fruition in your life. We offer mentoring, guidance, and consultation to individuals, groups, and organizations.


Our goal is to harness the vision, passion, and deepest values that drive your efforts and help turn them into reality for the greater good.

About Dr. Kelly O'Shea Carney

Dr. Carney is committed to helping others connect to their deepest and best motivations.  She knows that the gifts and visions that people hold in their hearts are the source of inspiration for bringing change for the good into the lives and work of those she serves.


Dr. Carney is a licensed psychologist with Board Certification in Geropsychology and holds a certificate in Spiritual Direction. Drawing upon this skill set, she has been an innovator and change agent in service-related fields for over 30 years.  With experience in the fields of health care, behavioral health, social services, and aging services, Dr. Carney is well equipped to support others dedicated to leading change for the good in their lives.



Through mentoring, spiritual support, consulting, and training, Dr. Carney helps others to mobilize the change they envision for themselves and the world around them.

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